Math 98 and Math 99 Memorandum


From: Michael Maltenfort and Marta Hidegkuti, Math 98/99 Course Coordinators
Simon Aman and Selma Mehmedagic, Math 98/99 Studio Coordinators

To: All Math 98 and Math 99 Students

Cc: Helen Valdez, Chair of Mathematics
Abdallah Shuaibi, Assistant Chair of Mathematics Adjunct Liaison

Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Re: Spring 2008 Final Exam


In addition to the final exam which your instructor will give you during regular class time, you must take the Math COMPASS test. It will count as 5% of your Final Exam grade, and you will have to take it outside of your regular class time. To take this test, please go to the Assessment Center, Room L912, (on the basement level). You can take the test any time between Thursday, November 20 and Saturday, December 6, as follows. (Note: last semester's times were different.)

The ending time each day represents the time that the last exam will be given.


You do not need to pre-register. Present your student I.D. or state driver's license at the Assessment Center. COMPASS results will be sent to your instructor by e-mail.


You may use a calculator on the COMPASS test, but not a graphing calculator. If you do not bring a calculator with you, there are calculator functions on the computer which you may use for the test.


We encourage you to come during the first week to avoid long lines and a long wait.


Please be aware that the COMPASS test may give you questions that you may not have seen in your current math class. This is to be expected, because it is designed as a placement test. You are not expected to get such questions correct.


Finally, to assist you in your studying, the math department has prepared review questions which you can find on the Web as follows. These files are in PDF format.

Math 98:

Math 99: