Practice Quiz - Fractions (part 1)

This practice quiz was designed for you to determine whether you are ready for the quiz. It is not part of your grade and you can take it many times. Although this quiz is not timed, you should be able to complete it in 30 minutes. The actual quiz will be part of your grade (40 points), similar in length and in format. You can only attempt the quiz once and will have 30 minutes to complete it.

Every question is worth 4 points. For each of the following question, enter your answers as an integer. (Round if needed.) Do not use commas, spaces, or dollar signs. Enter fractions using the slash character, and do not use any space. For example, enter the fraction 53 as 3/5.


  1. Compute 73 of 56.    

  2. Consider the picture shown below.
    What fraction does the shaded region represent?    

  3. Consider the picture shown below.
    What fraction does the shaded region represent?    

  4. Compute 15% of 300.    

  5. A flat-screen television set is priced at $2100. Next week, the set is going on a 10% off sale. What will be the sale price?     $

  6. There are 1200 students enrolled in our school. 85 of the students are girls. How many students are boys?    

  7. Compute 43 and 97 of 72 to decide which fraction is greater.
    A) 43 is greater. C) They are equal.
    B) 97 is greater. D) It can not be determined.

  8. Today we placed $800 in a bank account with an interest rate of 5% per year. How much will we have in the account a year from today?     $

  9. A pizza costs $24. Each pizza can be sliced into six equal slices. How much should we pay if we order four slices of this pizza?     $

  10. The town had 30,000 residents. This year, 112 of the residents took a vacation. 51 of those traveled overseas. How many residents of this town traveled overseas?    

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