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Lecture Notes and Sample Exams - Algebra


Lecture Notes and Worksheets

About Mathematics
The Words And and Or
The Order of Operations Agreement
Factors of a Number
Perimeter and Area of Rectangles
Perimeter and Area of Right Triangles
Perimeter and Area of General Triangles
Division with Remainder
Prime Factorization
Divisibility Tests
The GCF and LCM
Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
Solutions of Equations
The Set of All Integers

Division by Zero
Order of Operations on Integers
More Practice
    Part 1 - the definition
  Practice Quiz and Quiz
    Part 2 - Equivalent Fractions
    Part 3 - Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    Part 4 - Adding and Subtracting Fractions
    Part 5 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Basic Percent Problems   -  
Solving Two-Step Linear Equations
Fractions, Decimals, Percents - Conversions
Conversions between units of measurement
Standard labeling in triangles
Angles of a Triangle
Decimals and Fractions

Beginning Algebra

Lecture Notes and Worksheets

The Set of All Natural Numbers
Introduction to Set Theory
The Set of All Integers
Order of Operations on Integers
Set Operations
Square Root of an Integer
Algebraic Expressions and Statements
Graphs of Equations     Examples - Answers
Combining Like Terms
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions over Z
One- and Two-Step Equations
Multiplying Algebraic Expressions over Z
Equations with the Unknown on Both Sides
Solving Linear Equations - Part 2
Solving Linear Equations - Part 3
Weighted Average
Angles In a Triangle:   Theory - Problem Solving -
Solving Linear Inequalities
Linear Inequalities (practice)
Graphing Straight Lines
        Practice     Examples - Answers
Basic Percent Problems
Word Problems 1 (Linear)
Solving Linear Systems by Elimination
Solving Linear Systems by Substitution
Slope of a Line
More on Linear Systems
The Zero Product Rule
Factoring out the GCF
Factoring via the difference of squares theorem
Factoring by Trial and Error
Factoring by Grouping
Factoring by the AC-method - Practice
Rational Expressions
The Pythagorean Theorem
Factoring the Sum and Difference of Cubes
Factoring the difference of cubes (Practice)
Factoring the sum of cubes (Practice)
The Pythagorean Theorem
Wordproblems 2 (Quadratic)
Rules of exponents (formulas only)
Exponents 1
Integer Exponents
Sample Exams

Sample Exam 1 - Answers
Sample Exam 2 - Answers
Sample Exam 2 - Version B - Answers
Exam 3 Review - Answers - Solutions
Exam 3 Review - Version B - Answers
Exam 4 Review - Answers - Solutions
Final Review 1
Final Review 2 - Answers
Final Review 3 - Answers - Solutions

Intermediate Algebra

Lecture Notes and Worksheets

Introduction to Intermediate Algebra
Introduction to Sets
Set Operations
More on Sets
Introduction to Combinatorics
Introduction to Number Theory
The nth Root of a Number
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions over Z (no FOIL)
One- and Two-Step Equations
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (with FOIL)
More Linear Equations
Factoring by completing the square   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
Review of Factoring (GCF, difference of squares theorem)
Review of Factoring 1 (GCF, difference of squares, completing the square)
Review of Factoring 2 (grouping, AC-method, sum and difference of cubes)
Review of Quadratic Wordproblems (Quadratic)
Solving Linear Systems by Elimination
Linear Word Problems
Mixture Problems
Motion Problems
The Pythagorean Theorem
Similar Triangles
Writing Equations of Straight Lines
Compound Inequalities
Smallest Value of a Quadratic Expression
Graphing a Parabola - Part 1 - Practice (Z) or Practice (R)
Graphing a Parabola - Part 2
Rational Expressions
Complex Fractions
Radical Expressions - Part 1
Radical Expressions - Part 2
Radical Expressions (1 and 2)
Radical Equations
Absolute Value Equations
Rational Expressions - Part 1
Rational Expressions - Part 2
Rational Equations
New! Systems of Equations in Three Variables
The Real Number System
The Quadratic Formula
The proof that square root of 2 is irrational
Rules of Exponents
Rational Exponents
Work Word Problems

Fun, Challenging Problems:
Algebraic Transformations

Sample Exams

Exam 1 Review
Exam 2 Review
Exam 3 Review - Solutions
Exam 3 Review - Version B
Final Review - Solutions
Final Review - Version B - Solutions
Final Review - Version C

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